Carrier Profitability Assessments

KSM Transport Advisors believes that if you do not understand your current situation and how it relates to industry best practices and benchmarks, the odds of success through reactionary forays to fix certain issues are minimal. Our assessments are designed to be self-funding, provide a thorough analysis of the current situation and create a roadmap so the identified issues can be quantified, prioritized and pursued – either with the help and support of KSMTA trucking profitability consultants or by the carrier through its own resources.

We assist carriers in margin improvement at the top line through our freight network engineering products, but we also attack the major P&L line items with our maintenance assessment, driver recruiting and retention assessment, risk assessment, and systems assessment. Additionally, carriers that want a full understanding of their entire business engage us to conduct a carrier business assessment.

Carrier Profitability Assessment Includes: 

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