carrier business assessment

KSM Transport Advisors' Carrier Business Assessment (CBA) assesses a carrier’s business model and capabilities and determines if current operations and business plans are realistic and will lead to profitable and sustainable performance.

The CBA consists of onsite and offsite analysis by KSMTA. Our observations and recommendations are actionable and specific as to the owner, timetable and method or metric of measurement.

Our onsite analysis focuses on financial, structural, cultural and systematic issues as well as operational and driver-related matters, while the offsite review consists of financial analysis, benchmarking and review of the onsite findings and information provided.

The CBA results are customized to address the specific needs of a carrier. The deliverable is a document that identifies the specific issues and challenges facing a carrier in its business model and operations and a roadmap to address identified issues and challenges.

The CBA does not resolve all of a carrier's issues; it is the first step in a multi-step process to help carriers achieve their desired level of profitability.

Carrer Business Assesssment

The CBA often includes several KSMTA assessments:


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