freight network assessment

KSM Transport Advisors' Freight Network Assessment (FNA) is designed to provide carriers a self-funding springboard into freight network engineering. We have consistently delivered recommendations that provide a 5x to 15x multiple of the investment made in the FNA.

Client load level data is modeled and analyzed with the proven TMW IDSC Netwise® Technology. The results are analyzed and compiled, using KSMTA’s work products and processes, and then presented to clients by our analysts and freight network engineers.

Freight Network Optimization

The FNA analyzes all aspects of a carrier’s revenue stream (price, cost, velocity, time and fit) to calculate a YIELD Metric, which is the single metric that factors in all freight issues and allows for a true picture of a carrier’s gross margin. YIELD is sliced on multiple attributes (such as shipper, bill to, lane, consignee and salesperson) to provide insight into areas of concern and opportunity.

In addition to YIELD, the FNA utilizes the industry-leading IDSC Market Rate Index (MRI) to provide price benchmarking that allows carriers to know not only the value of their freight (YIELD), but also how that value fits in the Market (MRI) and where rate opportunities may exist.

The deliverables from the FNA provide a carrier with quantifiable results that facilitate implementation through increased knowledge and thereby the strength of conviction to implement those recommendations.

The FNA is conducted by seasoned industry professionals armed with our proprietary configuration, business processes and work products to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Freight Network Assessment 

Areas addressed in the FNA include:

  • Expected benefit — calculates the realistic value we perceive a carrier may achieve by aggressively utilizing Netwise and our proprietary work processes over a six-month period

  • Executive summary — provides a freight network overview and the Netwise results, along with our recommendations and actionable solutions

  • KSMTA dashboard — shows six months of top-level client data with exhibits for YIELD and margin by lane and bill to, pricing opportunities, network redesign and over-and-under sold area

  • Toxic load listing — shows movements that are significantly detracting from profitability and why

  • Franchise load listing — shows movements that are significantly more profitable than the network average and why

  • Network adjustment listing — provides recommendations for immediate margin impact

  • Pricing analysis — compares a carrier’s pricing to the market utilizing the Netwise MRI

  • Network redesign — shows what a carrier’s network would look like if jettisoned all unprofitable freight

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