freight network intelligence products

KSM Transport Advisors’ freight network intelligence products support and reinforce carriers’ efforts to improve margin by continuously improving the quality of their freight network. Access to reliable information, as well as a consistent application, instills confidence that supports implementation. Aligning all stakeholders on a common metric (YIELD) simplifies and clarifies decisions to make change.

Freight Network Intelligence

Each product in this suite requires the output from the TMW IDSC Netwise® model. Our products enhance the results and reveal the intelligence hidden therein.

  • Freight network intelligence pricing tool — provides pricing intelligence that allows carriers to understand the required price for a particular piece of business to generate their required profit

  • Lane desirability index — allows carriers to bend the Netwise YIELD curve and price lanes with multiple YIELD objectives

  • Freight network dashboard — provides high-level intelligence about trends and issues within a carrier's freight network

  • Freight network intelligence tool — provides intelligence about a carrier's current freight network by showing high-level results and additional detail


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