maintenance assessment

KSM Transport Advisors' Maintenance Assessment (MA) assists carriers with the identification, management and reduction of their fleet service and maintenance costs. Our MA offers a comprehensive operational and financial review and analysis of a carrier’s maintenance and shop operations, such as practices, policies and costs.

In addition to specific recommendations to reduce cost and improve efficiency in each of the below areas, a carrier's actual maintenance costs are benchmarked using our proprietary age band database of tractors and trailers to provide a realistic cost benchmark.

MA clients typically see a path to achieve a 5-10 percent reduction in their maintenance cost.

Areas addressed in the Maintenance Assessment:

  • Facilities — locations, design, layout, orderliness and size

  • Personnel — roles, recruiting and hiring practices, training, skill assessment, pay/benefits

  • Technology systems — reporting, data tracking, scheduling and asset management

  • Maintenance processes — PM program, SOPs, repair stances, best practices

  • Shop operations — Work shifts, capacity/demand match, productivity metrics, safety

  • Tires — spec, mount/dismounting practices, inflation checks, tire life management

  • Parts — parts room layout, inventory management, purchasing practices

  • Operations/maintenance integration — cooperative efforts between departments

  • Age band cost model — comparative cost modeling of equipment costs to other fleets’ costs


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