driver recruiting and retention assessment

KSM Transport Advisors' Driver Recruiting and Retention Assessment (DRA) identifies and documents current company and contractor (driver) recruiting practices and results, and provides an analysis and benchmarking of current recruiting practices. Short-term recommendations are then made along with a roadmap for increasing the number of drivers hired and retained to meet a carrier’s capacity goals.

Driver Recruiting & Retention AssEssment includes:

  • Recruiter staffing, job descriptions and hiring results
  • Driver recruiting branding
  • Driver recruiting management metrics
  • Advertising – coverage, themes, effectiveness
  • The role of the advertising agency
  • Use of social media
  • Use of the recruiting software
  • Use of electronics tools in recruiting
  • Benchmark driver productivity and compensation
  • Driver turnover rates
  • Current retention processes
  • Initial expectations at hire
  • Onboarding processes
  • Fleet manager performance (metrics, incentives, practices)
  • Miles and income per driver
  • Driver application processing speed and effectiveness

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