Carrier Systems Assessment

KSM Transport Advisors' Systems Assessment (SA) provides a review, analysis and documentation of the configuration and use of a carrier's Transportation Management System (TMS) and all integrated and non-integrated TMS-related systems. The assessment focuses on how the system is currently used and how it should be used in "the life of a load."

SA deliverables document the current state of the TMS and its related systems and how the systems are currently being used, both technically and by end users. Our advisors then provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems as well as an action plan to move from the current to recommended state.

Our sytems assessment includes: 

  • Master file setup and configurations
  • Operational processes
    • Master file additions and maintenance
    • Order entry
    • Asset assignments
    • Dispatch
    • Payroll/settlements
    • Invoicing
    • Safety
  • Additional (non)integrated modules
  • Reporting
  • Screen configurations
  • Accounting review and documentation
    • Core financial processes
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Financial
    • General ledger
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Payroll
    • Add-on modules
    • Reporting
  • Systems integration functionality
    • Mobile communications
    • Fuel optimization
    • Imaging
    • Other integration mechanisms into/out of each system

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