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Metrics Matter: Know Your Numbers to Improve Trucking Profitability

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As trucking consultants, we are regularly asked to help our clients benchmark their revenues, costs and productivity. Metrics are the building blocks of business planning and profitability, and minor changes in key metrics can have a significant effect on the performance and profitability of any trucking company. The transportation industry... Read more →
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How to Use Data to Drive Down Maintenance Costs

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The most frequently asked question in a maintenance consulting practice is: "How do my maintenance costs compare to other similar transportation companies?" Benchmarking maintenance costs can be difficult considering all of the variables that exist within and between transportation companies such as:Average age of equipmentSpecifications of equipmentPercent of work... Read more →
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Green Fleets: Trucking Companies Explore Alternative Fuel Equipment Upgrades

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Alternative fueling is one of the hottest topics in the trucking industry today. Evidence could be seen at the sold out Natural Gas in Trucking Summit, hosted by the American Trucking Associations in the fall of 2012. And many state associations continued to demonstrate its growing popularity by including natural... Read more →
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