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6 Tips for Strategically Managing Transportation Brokers

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This article originally appeared on In the course of our consulting practice, we review and analyze many carriers’ freight networks. This consultation includes reviewing clients’ strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing transportation services. While every carrier we visit uses transportation brokers, most do not have a... Read more →
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How Trucking Companies Can Profit from Time

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Time is directly connected to money in the trucking industry. This may seem obvious because so many metrics refer to various time frames. We are constantly monitoring numbers that demonstrate how revenue, loads, miles and more stack up over time (per day, week, month, quarter and year). From those perspectives,... Read more →
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Metrics Matter: Know Your Numbers to Improve Trucking Profitability

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As trucking consultants, we are regularly asked to help our clients benchmark their revenues, costs and productivity. Metrics are the building blocks of business planning and profitability, and minor changes in key metrics can have a significant effect on the performance and profitability of any trucking company. The transportation industry... Read more →
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